Sustainably Managed All Natural Pasture Raised Meat

My best recommendations for cooking grass fed meats-


·       Preheat your cooking surfaces (pans, grills, ovens etc.)

·       Grass fed meat has less fat, use this to your advantage and add yummy moist cheeses, veggies, sauces, or marinade 4-6 hours

·       Don’t go from fridge to heat on your beef, let it get to room temp

·       Since you’re working with less fat grease/oil cooking surfaces

·       Medium temperatures are a safe bet

·       Reduce oven temps by 50 degrees vs cooking grain fed

·       Grass fed meat usually takes 1/3 less time to cook

·       Don’t stab or cut your meat as you turn it, use tongs to avoid letting the precious juices escape

·       Let it rest……… before cutting into it