Sustainably Managed All Natural Pasture Raised Meat

Grass Finished Beef Deposit (Quarter, Half or Whole)

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We are SOLD OUT for the May Butcher date now taking deposits for the September 2021 butcher date

Please take note*** our beef butcher schedule has now changed to Jan. 7th 2021, May 5th 2021, Sept. 29th 2021 ***

 (your meat will be scheduled for delivery 3 weeks after it goes to the butcher)

All of our cows are born, raised and finished on native grass pasture. When weather deems necessary our cattle are fed free choice hay, that is produced without pesticides and irrigation. Our beef is chemical and antibiotic free. 

We charge $4.13 a pound based on the hanging weight, plus the butcher costs. The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass once everything has been removed besides bones and meat. The hanging weight is not the take home weight. The take home weight is typically 60 to 65% of the hanging weight, depending on how you have the meat cut. 

         1/4 Cow: Hanging Weight of approx. 170 lb  AVG Total Cost $858, required deposit to place order; $200

  • 1/2 Cow: Hanging Weight of approx. 340 lb, AVG Total Cost $1686, required deposit to place order; $400
  • Whole Cow: Hanging Weight of approx. 680 lb, AVG Total Cost $3344, required deposit to place order; $800

Miele Farms standard beef cuts includes approximately: 40% ground 30% Roasts (3-5 lbs) (i.e. chuck, sirloin tip, tri-tip, and round) 30% steaks approx. 1" thick (i.e. T-bone, New York w/ bone, Rib steaks w/ bone, sirloin, round, filet, Delmonico, Denver, Flat Iron, Flank) Some organs, soup bones and dog bones are included at no additional charge. Customers are welcome to request a cut sheet to fill out their own preferences. (we try our best to ensure the butcher follows the cut sheet but we cannot guarantee it)

Your final invoice will be emailed to you once the steer goes to butcher and the meat is ready. 

Includes delivery to Colorado Springs or Parker pick up locations.

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