Sustainably Managed All Natural Pasture Raised Meat

Grass Fed/ Pasture Raised Whole Lamb Deposit

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Our sheep are 100% grass fed and raised on pasture. All of our pastures are free from the use of pesticides or other chemical treatments. When weather deems necessary they are supplemented with all natural grass hay. Our lamb is chemical and antibiotic free.  Grass fed lamb is a great source of Omega 3's. The typical cost on a whole lamb is $495-$695 (includes butcher processing and deposit) We charge $6.00 per pound of hanging weight and there is a $85 butcher and processing fee. The average hanging weight is 70 pounds, with an approximate take home weight of 50 pounds. (standard cuts) ($200 at checkout is the deposit and you will be invoiced for the balance once we receive the hanging weight) 

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- 45 day lead time

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