Sustainably Managed All Natural Pasture Raised Meat
  • Pasture Raised Pork Deposit (Whole Hog & Half Hog)

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    We offer free delivery to our meeting locations. (we do not ship)

    August butcher date is sold out, and we are currently taking deposits for the Sept. butcher date. The customers who have deposits in will get first priority if animals finish faster or butcher dates move up. 

    (your meat will be scheduled for delivery approximately 3 weeks after it goes to butcher) 

    ***Our new butcher schedule - May 25th 2021, Aug. 25th 2021, Sept. 15th 2021, Nov. 24th 2021***

    All of our pigs are raised on pasture. Our pigs have free access to pasture and when need be are supplemented with hay and non-GMO grain (never exceeding 25% of their daily diet). Our pork is chemical and antibiotic free. All of our pork that is cured (Ham, Bacon, Sausage) is cured using celery juice extract instead of sodium nitrates. The cured meats are also Soy, Gluten, and MSG free.

    We charge $4.02 a pound based on the hanging weight, plus the butcher costs. A whole hog typically has a hanging weight of 200 pounds, costs an approximate total of $1080 (including processing) and has an approximate take home weight of 152 pounds; depending on cutting preferences. A half hog is 50% less on cost and weight. 

    Includes delivery to Colorado Springs or Parker pick up location.

    Our Miele Farms standard cuts include: 30% cured & smoked ham (2-4 lb roasts & 1" thick steaks) 25% Loin chops 1" thick, 15% shoulder roasts (2-4 lbs & 1" steaks) 15% bacon, 5% ribs, 5% ground pork in lb packages, 5% sweet Italian sausage & breakfast sausage in 1 lb packages. Customers are welcome to request a cut sheet to fill out their own preferences when purchasing. (we try our best to ensure the butcher follows the cut sheet but we cannot guarantee it)

    We require a $380 deposit per whole hog and a $190 deposit per half hog.

    Your final invoice will be emailed to you once the pig goes to butcher and the meat is ready. 

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